Introducing CAMP : The Collapsible Campfire

Yesterday was my birthday and Instagram reminded me that at this time last year (when I was much, much younger) my family and I were out hiking through the community pastures just outside of Edgerton, Alberta near a hamlet called Ribstone - looking for antler sheds.

CAMP Antlers.jpg

Ya ya, Tenille. Who cares about your fancy walk - am I right?! Well, as it turns out - you might. Not only because my stories are clearly so full of adventure and intrigue but also because they illustrate my particularly strong need for (and our solution for) a portable campfire. No doubt, I’m always wishing I had a baggie full of marshmallows and some flame to roast those suckers on - especially after a good old fashioned hike with the fam jam.

Fast forward to winter when the old ball and chain was prepping his sled for some super intense overnight ice fishing sleepover with the boys. He’s all saddled up with lures, jigs and bags of ooey gooey mallows but alas, no campfire.


While I’m continuing to reflect, season by season, on all of the cool stuff my family does in a year, I can think of a boat load of times that this “imaginary” fire pit would have come in handy. A few off the top of my head:

  • Fishing / Ice Fishing

  • Hiking

  • Hunting

  • At the lake

  • In the yard

  • At the park

  • Camping

  • Quadding (ATV) and the like

  • As a gift

  • Etc...

One day, over coffee, I am rambling on and on and on that I just really wish I had a campfire I could literally take EVERYWHERE when Amy pipes up and says, “Tenille, I have an idea for a collapsible fire pit that I have been desperately wanting to build!”

Coffee CAMP.jpg

I kid you not - twelve hours later (she made me wait for the dang paint to dry...tick tock, AMY) the sneaky genius handed me a twenty pound, 18x24” flat stack of metal. Five glorious pieces of black steel - coated in high temperature paint that literally transforms into a friggin fire pit - in seconds. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED FOR OUR OUTDOOR ADVENTURES! Heck. Yes.

And so, it is with great pride and admiration that I take this opportunity to introduce CAMP - the compact campfire designed and built by my brilliant business partner, right here at The Design Umbrella Inc. From pencil to product. From now on, when we go on outdoor adventures - we will have s’mores (especially on my birthday) and now YOU CAN TOO.

Jeremy Bohay jmbkillinit

Who says a little whining never gets you what you want - ahem You’re Welcome!

(Sorry Amy…also, thank you)